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    CEO, Transparent Business - a radically new way to oversee your workforce, projects and tasks, in real time, screenshot by screenshot.
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    Author, "Defiance" or "How to Succeed in Business While Being Targeted by the FBI, the KGB, the DHS, the INS and the Mafia Hit Men"
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The Economist:
Problems with accuracy “are an inevitable consequence of a free-labour approach”, argues Alex Konanykhin of WikiExperts, which advises organisations on how to create Wikipedia articles.

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KMGi almost doubled its business from existing clients in 2011 by allowing them to monitor the ad design work in real time. The 74-employee company allows customers to see which project tasks are completed, and gauge the cost for the day, week, and month.

Based on Alex’s lifestory

New York Times:
Bestselling author Brian Haig delivers his a thriller inspired by a true story about one man running between two countries, trying desperately to escape his past.

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Media About Alex

wp Washington Post: National Republican Congressional Committee chose Konanykhin "New York Businessman of the Year" "New York Businessman of the Year"

cnn CNN: Alex Konanykhin controlled Russia's largest commercial bank in the 1990sKonanykhin controlled largest commercial bank

wsj Wall Street Journal: Mr. Konanykhin was a whiz-kid physics student who became a pioneering Russian capitalist in early 1990s, building a banking and investment empire valued at an estimated $300 million all by his mid-20s. He was a member of President Boris Yeltsin's inner circle.Konanykhin was a member of President Boris Yeltsin's

tbs The Baltimore Sun:
Business whiz kid.
Business whiz kid

abc WJLA TV / ABC:
Russian Bill Gates.
Russian Bill Gates

tt The Times: By the time he was 25 he was one of the most important figures in post-Communist Russia. But in 1992, while on a business trip to Hungary, Alex Konanykhine was kidnapped.Alex Konanykhine was kidnapped

forbes Forbes: One of the first bankers in Russia, pioneer of business.One of the first bankers in Russia, pioneer of business.